the brotherhood

The Brotherhood Trailer

Here is a trailer that I shot the other day for Boxed Out Productions for their upcoming show. Im starting to get more into film lately. Check out synopsis and video below. 

Boxed Out Productions presents "The Brotherhood," a collection of monologues that represent a distinct group of men in their own voices. Flaws and all, they are a brotherhood bound by more than the presence of a Y chromosome. These men represent a collective of over looked, under appreciated and misunderstood men in today's society. The cast includes Mr. Asshole, Mr. Not-So-Crazy, Mr. Not-A-Statistic, Mr. Just-A-Friend and Mr. Father Figure. These are men that you think you know, but it's quite possible that you have never seen them in this way...stripped down and laid bare, allowing you to gain a new perspective into the mind and matters of men.

In order of appearance: Greer Samuels, Clinton D. Hazel Jr, Okema T. Moore, Andrew Markiewicz, Shauna Blaize, Alexis Diaz, Erik McKay, Jemier Jenkins, Khalila Arthur, Miriam Morales, Jerome Jarreau Gregory, Randie Graves, Stephen Cofield Jr., Katie Mack

The Brotherhood
Roy Arias Theatre
May 31st and June 1st